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KEJ Construction Company, Vladike Nikolaja 29/b, 14000 Valjevo, Serbia, phone: +381 14 220 647 , arh.biro@kej.rs, www.kej.rs

About us

Project design office of KEJ Construction Company represents a part of the KEJ CC business system, with the aim to provide better quality of business and company organization, but also with the intention of market orienteering and providing services to other investors.

Project design office is fully competent and technically equipped to meet all technical and legal standards in the area of construction. The civil engineers staff and other experts at the Project design office of KEJ Construction Company are willing to provide answers to all potential requests of investors, and to find solutions that are functional, with high aesthetic standards, technically feasible and appropriate.

In addition to this, a large number of constructed and completed facilities give us significant experience and a foundation that enables the provision of consulting and engineering services, as well as performing all administrative and legal actions in relation to obtaining necessary consents, reports and permits.

Constant improvement and advancement in the process of design and construction enables us to provide high quality and efficient services in accordance with all technical and aesthetic aspects of construction and architecture.

Apart from designing and drawing up of technical documentation for residential and commercial facilities, renovation, reconstruction, the Project design office of KEJ Construction Company also performs professional supervision of construction. We also design the interiors for commercial and residential facilities, restaurants, banks, as well as furniture and carpentry. According to the requirements of specific projects and investors, we provide graphic design services and web design presentations.


KEJ Construction Company is professionally engaged in designing and the construction of residential and commercial space. What place us among the successful companies in the field of construction and architecture are many years of experience and great references. Our business policy guarantees construction of new residential and commercial buildings according to world standards. Only the products and materials of the highest quality manufacturers in the world are used in the construction. The system of "turnkey" obliges us to take responsibility until the last moment.

Application of knowledge and technology in the organization and control of the construction process lifts our final result to a formidable level.

KEJ Construction Company was founded in 1989 in Valjevo and operates mainly in the territory of Serbia. Since its establishment, the company has experienced a moderate and steady growth. In the mid 90's KEJ Construction Company became the official representative of the Rigips company and began to import plasterboards from Austria. We have continued the successful cooperation with Rigips to this very day.

At the beginning of 2000 the younger generation became involved in the company's business, which brought about the creation of new ideas and further development. KEJ Construction Company performs work for private investors, the state and foreign investors who chose to invest their capital in Serbia, such as Podgorina Frucht, Austria from Osečina, Rauch from Austria Koceljeva. Our success with project management and our project design office is something that makes us different from other companies in the market.

Since 2005 KEJ Construction Company has been investing into the construction of housing for the market, and somewhat later it founded the company KEJ Invest which deals with capital construction. In addition to this, at the end of 2008, KEJ started with the organized agricultural production, thus expanding the range of its business activities.

In 2010 KEJ Construction Company employed a large number of young experts with a desire to combine innovation and energy with experience and knowledge, and thus contribute to further improvement of business and quality of the final outcome.



galerijaThe manufacturing of the entire design and technical documentation: conceptual designs, preliminary designs, general designs and as-built design. We design plans for residential, commercial, industrial, sports and other facilities. We develop projects for repairs, renovations and reconstructions.

galerijaMonitoring of the entire design process from concept to implementation. We offer professional supervision and project management, as well as expert consulting regarding technical solutions in architecture.

galerijaDrawing up projects of interior and furniture design. Graphic design and web site presentation services. We can create 3D models of interior and exterior of facilities.

galerijaDevelopment of projects of water supply and sewerage, electrical installations of low and high voltage, design of mechanical installations (central heating, ventilation, air conditioning), specialized studies (study of fire protection, etc.), hydrant network projects and others.

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